Thai Green Chicken Curry

THAI GREEN CHICKEN CURRY Hello friends and family!!! Penning down my thoughts after a long time. I was very busy this couple of months. Went to my dream destination Maldives thanks to my Husband. And honestly after coming back, extreme pressure bursted out my bubble. Exams, Studies, unpacking, cleaning, washing, drying, preparing for Kali Puja […]

Laccha Parantha 

A much awaited post and dish that I tried again yesterday for dinner with Chicken Bharta . I recently shared the pics in a social group and every body asked for both the recipes. I already blogged about Chicken Bharta ,so I thought it’s high time I update about Laccha Parantha.  Actually I tried […]


WHOLE GRILLED HERB CRUSTED CHICKEN (with and without skin) Hello fellows!! How you all doing these days?? I wasn’t very regular these days with my posts, due to some health issues and mostly due to extreme exam pressure thanks to my little kiddo at home. In my childhood I used to think studies are the […]


NASI GORENG WITH FRESH HOMEMADE STYLE CHIPS HELLO EVERYONE!!! Hope all is well everywhere. It surely not much great at my end. Health did take a toll at my end. My mom went through laparoscopy and I had to go through a terrible tooth extraction session. Well my wisdom tooth did torture me a lot […]

MURG NIMBOODAA (Lemon Chicken)

MURG NIMBOODAA (Lemon Chicken) HOLA!!! Ramadan Karim to all!!! As this is the month of Ramadan and gruesome fasting, a month of extreme passion for religious sentiment highlighting ones inner most abilities to control the urges of all materialistic stuff in life. Well I am not a Muslim, but thought that why not dedicate an […]


CHICKEN CHAANP…..RESTAURANT STYLE HELLO FRIENDS!!! Thanks for all the likes, comments and appreciation here and my Facebook page for my blog! It meant a lot for me. Thanks heartily for the encouragement and mental boost to cook more and more and experiment even more to create good dishes in its original form. I am all […]


Crisp Calamari Golden Fried Two Styles Hello Everybody! I hope all are doing okay and living life with loved ones! Today I am gonna share my love for Squid, popularly known as Calamari. It’s not only my own love, my whole family adore Squid, specifically my son. Well before marriage, I was dead against squid […]