​ RAW JACKFRUIT CURRY (ECHORER ROSHA) Hello to all of you. Thanks for all the appreciation all along. Recently I have been pretty much active on the very month of 2017!!! And there are still so much work to do. As always!!! Anyway let’s not get into all this and get into the main topic […]


CRUMBED FISH NUGGETS …2 WAYS!!! This is my first post in 2017. I with my family wish all of you and the whole world A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. Hope with the new year comes more happiness, health , wealth, prosperity, love, pampering, care and more adventure in every single person’s life.  A very good […]


STUFFED CALAMARI Hello everyone!!! Today’s Dish– Stuffed Calamari. Calamari means squid and am sure you all know that by now!!! I tried this dish out getting inspired from My Kitchen Rules Australia Series, that’s been aired in Colors Infinity channel on a regular basis. Being a fan of Squid and as I cook squid at […]


BRAZILIAN CHICKEN (WITH WINGS/NORMAL PIECES) Hello everyone!!! Firstly, thank you all for all the appreciations that you guys shower on me for such a long time. My Facebook Page Improv and Explore crossed 100 likes and I am really stoked and a bit overwhelmed in a good way. Even though I am my favourite yet […]

Japanese Chicken Popcorn

JAPANESE CHICKEN POPCORN Hello All!!! It’s Christmas time and we are about to start a new year with full of new things awaiting for us, both bad and good I guess. I feel nostalgic on the last week of every year. So much happened and so much of alike is awaiting….it’s pretty scary at times. […]


CHEESY PAN PIZZA!!! Anyway, moving on… today’s post is all about the eternal love for cheese and pizza and Italian Seasonings and more cheese. Well before also I have tried to make pizza at home, with the homemade pizza dough and not with the store bought one. And it turned out to be sort of […]


Hola people!!! Today I am going to fill you all up with a recipe of an interesting protein choice. Well the main protein of this recipe is Rabbit Meat. Yes I know you must be very much shocked that how can I use Rabbit meat in a recipe and how can Rabbit meat be eaten. […]