Hiya Folks!!! How are you all doing?? Here in Kolkata, I am literally getting scorched by the heat when outside and attacked by cold and cough thanks to the fluctuating terrible weather conditions. We hardly observed winter for a week this year. And its gross!!! When I hear about cold weather conditions and snowfalls in far away places, i literally ask myself,  why we can’t enjoy soothing weather here. These days weather in Kolkata is like seven days winter, fourteen days rainy season and the rest is Summer Summer and only Summer. Pheww!!!! And the humidity…my God it kills us all!!! There was a time when having air conditioning machines were accounted as luxuries.  But now it has become a necessity.  In these hot and humid phase, it’s difficult to survive without an AC. Anyways,  just to beat the heat,  not only AC , but we take many different steps. For example, like eating ice creams and that related deserts.  Well i know not a great excuse and background to introduce my recipe as honestly we don’t need any excuse or reason to gorge on to deserts.  Anyways many years ago before my marriage, i saw this recipe in some channel in some food related program. And when i was a teenage, i made it few times then. So after so many years, thought of recreating it once again to satiate our apetites. Most importantly this recipe can help the moms to feed fruit to their children. So lets get started everyone.


Apple – 1-2 ( depending on the number of people you will serve to)
Ice cream – 3 – 4 cups ( you can buy big bars of two three flavours as per your wish )
Sugar – 2-3 tbsp
Chocolate Syrup – as per your choice and use it as per your heart wants
Vanilla essence – 3-4 drops
Strawberry essence – optional
Mixed fruit jam – optional



1. Clean the apples and Peel it off. Now chop them into small pieces. Here i have used one apple as there were only two people to eat. Use accordingly as per the number of heads. Now transfer it into a bowl.  Now mix the sugar granules into the chopped apples. Mix it properly and put it into the freezer for 15-20 minutes.


2. Now after 20 minutes, take it out from the freezer.  Take a glass,  a transparent one, and get

ready to

make layers and the whole procedure. Keep all the ingredients handy.


3. Pour one or two scoop of ice cream in the glass and make an even smooth first layer. Here i have used vanilla ice cream for the first layer.


4. Next we are going to pour the chopped apple – sugar mix on top of the bed of ice cream. Pour some vanilla essence on top of it.


5. Now put another layer of ice cream, preferably a different flavour on top of the apples. Here i have used chocolate ice creams .


6. Now add the chopped apple – sugar mix on top of the bed of chocolate ice cream. Add a drop of vanilla essence here too.


7. Now cover it with another layer of ice cream evenly. I have used Vanilla ice cream here.


8. After finishing the layering, here you can put some jam or jelly to give a pop of flavour and color to the desert.  Finish it off with a generous drizzle of chocolate syrup on top of it.



9. To do this design, drizzle the chocolate syrup in circular motion on the ice cream.  Now with a sharp end object like a knife or a toothpick, drag the lines in crisscross ways. You will get this pattern. So here your desert is ready to serve. NOW ATTACK !!!!!!


1. I never experimented before, but plan to do so very soon. In the mean time, why don’t you guys try it out with some other fruits too,  like bananas, strawberries. Grapes, mangoes, kiwi, watermelon,  ripe papaya, oranges and etc, all chopped and mixed in with sugar and freezed. In this way, you can make sure your kids are eating fruits and the kids realize that they are eating different layers of ice cream too.
2. Put the apple – sugar mix in the freezer but not to freeze them but to only make them chilled.  Keep in mind to check on them time to time.
3. Make as many layers as you want depending on the size of the glass or glass bowl.
4.  During layering after after you are done, if you feel the ice cream to be melting, then put the glasses back in to the freezer for sometime and take it out and serve, chilled!!!!
5. Use of jam or strawberry syrup are optional.

So here, I am done with today’s recipe of an easy simple desert. Let me know what you think down in the comment section and do like the page and the recipe if you think its worthy enough. And guys SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD.

So its me, Pamela, signing off now!!! See you next time with many yummy recipes.  Thanks and much love and hugs for all. Stay hydrated and take care of your self this summer.



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