HELLO fellassss!!!!!! Did you guys check out the soya chicken and mushroom recipies yet that i posted few days back???? Let me know if you guys liked it or not.

Now today’s recipe is Mutton Rezalla…with an extra ‘l’ and this l depicts the story of my love for Food. Lol!!! Okay, who doesn’t love REZALLA!!!  Rezalla is a very tasty dish with the simplicity of the stew and gorgeousness of mughlai dishes. Talking of mughlai dish, honestly i am not a big fan of mughlai dishes. Yes!!! Can you believe it??? I am not a fan of biriyani at all. Yes i like the mutton chaap and tandoori roti but biriyani is so not my cup of tea umm well biriyani ummm a rice stuff. Its so greasy , oily and heavyyy!! And if not consumed from a good restaurant, the mutton tends to be so stiff and hard to chew on. But yes i love my Mom’ s version of biriyani. Its yummm and soft and succulent and less oily and light too.  Anyways,  i am not a fan of chicken tandoori too. I would rather have simple grilled chicken than the spicy tandooris. Although my hubby and my son…both of them are die hard mughlai fan. I love love love CHINESE GOOD. There i said that. And soon am gonna share some Chinese dishes here.

Well today is all about REZALLA. Among the whole array of mughlai dishes, i love REZALLA only. This is one dish which is very light and a lot less spicy. And when i learned how to cook it, the simplicity of the recipe made me fall in love with this dish. I have been eating it since childhood at my parents’ place.  This is a must at my home in my childhood and teenage years or rather since i remember.  My aunty and my mom cooked it like a pro and as usual i am a bit biased and would say my aunt cooked it better than my mom always.  :p
Anyways as usual Sumit, my hubby, being the one and only son in law, who stays in Kolkata and near to home, got treated innumerable times with this delicacy and so i had to learn how to cook it up so to satiate ourselves at the comfort of my home umm inlaw home…sumit’s place…(this is a major problem with women, at least with me). Trust me guys, its damn easy to cook. And it tastes better than hotels too. I came across many versions of mutton rezalla till date, but i like this style of preparation than any other type.
So lets head into my kitchen!!!


Mutton – 300gms (10 about medium size pieces, try to buy mutton with a healthy bit of fat tagged along with it)
Onion – 150gms (3-4 medium sized ones)
Curd – 150 gms
Seasame Seeds – 10 gms
Whole Black Peppercorns – 10-12 pieces ( more if you want it more hot)
Whole Dry Red Chillies – 6-7 pieces
Salt – For seasoning
Gulab Jal ( Rose Water) – 4-5 tsp
Kewra Jal/Water – 3-4 tsp
Ghee/White Oil – 3-4 tbsp


1. When you are buying the mutton, tell your butcher to give you rezala pieces.  Or you can ask for fatty pieces. If you have cholesterol or on diet or weight issues, then go for normal mutton pieces. No issues. At home, clean and pat dry the mutton pieces with a paper towel. I usually do not water clean the pieces as i have heard from elders, that then it loses its taste.

2. Now dice the onions into halves and put it into the blender along with curd and seasame seeds. And grind them well together. Put water to make a fine paste into the blender.


3. Transfer it into a deep bottom bowl.


4. Add the mutton pieces into it. Mix well.


5.Put salt as per taste. Mix well.


6. Now add the black pepper corns into it followed by whole dry red chillies. 


7. Add rose water and kewra water into the marination and mix it properly.



8. Now cover it properly and refrigerate it for minimum 2 hours. Its better if the marination time exceeds 2-5 hours. More the merrier. So basically you can prepare and marinate even a day before any party. On the D-Day just take it out from the fridge and cook it up.
9. I kept it for 5 hours on that day. Don’t worry if you don’t have not more than an hour to spare. In that case, it might just take a bit more time to get cooked.
10. Take it out.  Take a pressure cooker and put the marinated mutton into it.
11. Put oil or ghee into the pressure cooker. If you want to avoid ghee, its completely okay. Use white oil in that case. I do most of the time. I have used vegetable oil, canola oil and even olive oil many a times as we believe in eating healthy. Mix everything well.


12. Now seal the cooker with the lid and put the whistle on. Keep it on high till it gives five whistles. After that cook it for 10-15 minutes in low flame. Pressure cooker varies from kitchen to kitchen,  so as its using techniques. Boil the mutton in the cooker as long your mutton takes usually. May be five minutes less than your normal timings as it has been kept marinated for long hours.




13. After switching off the flame, let it get cooked in the steam inside the cooker.
14. When the steam releases automatically and gradually,  took the lid off.  You can take the mutton pieces out of it into a bowl  to serve. Now take a bitter and manually whisk the gravy to get a smooth lumpless juicy thing. Transfer the gravy onto the bowl too.



A. After making the smooth paste of the onions, strain the pulp out and in the marination use only the juice of the onion paste. In this case, you might add a couple of onions more, if the quantity of the mutton is on higher side. 

B. Use this juice, trust me the taste will remain the same but the texture will go to another high level altogether. I know it’s a bit hectic to strain strain strain, but you can try it out once at least to see the result for yourself. Beat the curd well too. That’s a must. As lumps will ruin the dish and the look. These are points and facts that can only be achieved through several trial and errors. 

15. Your Mutton Rezalla is ready… hot and juicy. Do not overcook it ever.


So friends please do try it at home and let me know. I hope you all like it, fingers crossed. Till date all friends and family at least did. Let me know in the comments below,  your thoughts. And if you think something more can be added to enhance the taste then also share it in the comments below. I will reply back as soon as possible. Your thoughts and reviews mean a lot to me.
Hope you enjoyed reading the way i write. So if you like it here then do spread the word in your social sites too. 

Goodbye for now. But will be back soon with more i promise!!! Till then take care, take proper rest, keep hydrated, eat healthy and everything. Live healthy and stay fit not just physically but mentally too. Cook various cuisines when you feel low, trust me its the ultimate stress buster. And be safe while cooking. Share and share your experiences with me always. Love you all.
Till then signing off….


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