My Dark Knight

Love has always played a very crucial part in her life. She thinks,works, acts and decides from her heart. Thats why may be she faced and still facing loads of difficulties, complications and confusions in her life. But that is okay with her. She is responsible and sensible enough to face consequences of her own heartfelt decisions with a huge grin on her face.

Well after her dream come true,i.e., after her marriage to her knight, whom she loved like crazy, she started knitting beautiful dreams with him. But of course, from her own experiences she does know that life can’t be that sweet and smooth like a piece of cake. Problems came and went breaking her little by little every time. It was like a never ending process. Storm hitting then breaking and shattering her into pieces, then again collecting those tiny pieces and mending them up with patience and love that remained after each blow, after each heartbreak,after each breaking of expectations and trust, just to be broken freshly all over again. What happened in this process was she developed an issue on trusting people as a whole. She couldn’t help but wonder what everybody around her want with her, whether they actually love her or just using her up for their own good.

Seasons changed weather changed yet the basic story of her life didn’t change. There were so many good and happy moments too delivered in her life thanks to her dark knight. She was sometimes puzzled by his reactions. She was always confused to what to expect or not from him.


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